Married at First Sight Cray Cray - S8 E4

January 17, 2019
Luke, while drinking Fiji water, ruins sloths for all of us; Kristine and Keith don’t bang because he had to go on a tampon run; Jasmine says she’s falling off a cliff when in fact, it’s just a ditch; AJ tones it down for a hot second and snorkels with Stephanie.
Here’s our recap of Married at First Sight Episode 4!
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90 Day Fiancé - S6 Tell All - Part 2

January 15, 2019

Everyone can rejoice now that the season is over, even though we don’t know what will happen with Larissa.

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Love After Lockup S2 E6 - Your Card Has Been Declined

January 13, 2019
In Episode 6, we discover that Sarah is, in fact, ovulating; Tracie’s $300 bra and panties set fits her; Brittany introduces us to Amanda, who everyone likes more than Marcelino (including Brittany, maybe); a $100 seafood meal forces Scott’s finances over the edge, bringing his total spend on Lizzie to $90,100.
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Married at First Sight Cray Cray - S8 E3

January 12, 2019
Kristine and Keith have the most fun wedding ever; AJ continues to get clown music every time he’s on screen; Luke refuses to be less than 10 feet away from Katie; Will says 2 words during the whole episode. 
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90 Day Fiancé - S6 Tell All - Part 1

January 8, 2019

Polish Father in Law gives cast members advice, Kyle tries to figure out where he can buy a butt, and everyone speculates if TLC production paid an airline employee to lose Larissa’s luggage.

Join us for the Tell All recap - Part 1! Because this season ain’t over, folks! Still one more week to go!

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Love After Lockup S2 E5 - Secrets and Cellmates

January 6, 2019
Clint takes Tracie to an elegant meal at a fast casual eatery; Sacha tells Brittany her boyfriend is ‘intense’; Scott cleans up hair from his hotel room carpet; Caitlin has at least 12 babies ‘swimming in her stomach,’ confirming everyone’s suspicions that she knows nothing about female anatomy. 
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90 Day Fiancé - S6 E11 - EXTENDED

January 3, 2019

In the Season 6 Finale, we see a lot of weddings with fewer than 10 guests, lost pants, and Larissa's mug shot. 

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Married at First Sight Cray Cray - S8 E1+2

January 2, 2019

In the Season 8 Premiere, we met 4 new couples who decide to get married based on #science!

Join Kim and Kyle as we watch two and 1/4 weddings and make predictions on which couples are going to make it this season.


Love After Lockup S2 E4 - Washing Off Prison

January 2, 2019

$350 worth of hair dye and a list of pomegranate-scented toiletries, forest sex and subsequent cabin sex, another shower scene, and who IS the queen in the three-way? Here's our recap of Love After Lockup, Season 2, Episode 4.

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90 Day Fiance - S6 E10 - Where Truth Lies

January 2, 2019

Kalani describes her favorite feature about Asuelu, Larissa and Debbie get their nails done, Jay gets bored and (doesn't?) cheat on Ashley, Steven proposes to Olga.

Ad free episode! We catch up on all the best evuhdens pre and post-holiday.